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September 25, 2014

NPR — A Bumpy Ride: Airplane Food Through The Decades

Written by April Fulton September 25, 2014 Original Story People who fly coach on domestic carriers these days don’t expect much from the in-flight service beyond watery soda and maybe a salty snack. Or if they’re in the air for a few hours, they might get the option to buy a “meal” that looks like a cross between hospital food and school lunch. But that’s not how it used to be. Back in the 1920s, just a few adventurers took flight — think Amelia Earhart and Charles Lindbergh — and they usually brought their own sandwiches, according to the History Channel blog, Hungry History. As air travel attracted more pleasure passengers in the 1930s, i.e. the wealthy, flight attendants began […]
September 26, 2014

Washington Times — Pan Am Lover Offers Golden Era Flight Experience, a la ‘Mad Men’

By Cheryl K. Chumley September 26, 2014 Original Story Who says you can’t go back in time? A Pan Am memorabilia collector is offering those who recall the golden age of flying — as well as those who want to experience it for the first time — a retro Boeing 747 setting, complete with 1960s-styled seats and uniformed flight attendants and top-of-the-line dining. The only glitch: The plane never leaves the ground. So-called “passengers” can taste the good old days of flying, minus the flight, for $297 for a first class ticket or $197 for a clipper class ticket, the Daily Mail reported. The ticket buys access to the Los Angeles-based Air Hollywood sound stage, where crew members dressed from […]
September 26, 2014

THRILLIST — Pay $300 to Pretend You’re Flying in 1973

By Sophie-Claire Hoeller September 26, 2014 Original Story If the idea of re-enacting the glory days of air travel (but in a fake plane that never leaves the ground) appeals your sense of nostalgia for an era that you have no recollection of, well then, insert the metal belt fittings into one another and tighten by pulling on the loose end of the strap. That’s right, buckle up, because we’re about to tell you about The Pan Am Experience: an immersive $297 dinner and movie event (set inside a perfectly recreated, 1970s Pan Am 747) that promises to recapture that aforementioned glamor. While the famous airline hasn’t existed for 23 years, some superfans are still weirdly obsessed with it. Enter: […]
September 30, 2014

TRAVELPULSE — Pan Am Experience Comes Back to Life Thanks to Air Hollywood (VIDEO)

By Gabe Zaldivar September 30, 2014 Original Story Until wild-haired scientists perfect flux-capacitor technology, we are stuck with our own imagination to sate our time travel needs. Thankfully, Air Hollywood is providing all necessary imagination for their upcoming Pan Am Experience. Air Hollywood (Los Angeles, Calif.)—a studio that provides airline and airport sets for film producers—is opening its doors for a peek at what airplane travel was aboard a Pan Am 747 with a dinner extravaganza. If that sounds interesting, you are not alone. According to the event’s page, four of the six remaining dates have been sold out. As of this writing, the Dec. 20 “Holiday Flight” has just a few tickets available. The demand seems to have caused organizers […]
October 2, 2014

THE TELEGRAPH — Always wanted to fly Pan Am? Now you can…sort of

By Ana Franca October 2, 2014 Original Story Flying wasn’t always the knee-defending, elbow-sparring, sad parade of casual attire it is today. Once there were spacious lounges, reclining chairs and meals served on real china. Fans of the period will be delighted that the vintage allure of the airline has been encapsulated at the largest airline mock-up studio in the world. Air Hollywood (airhollywood.com/panam) has built a replica of the interiors of one of Pam Am’s jets in impressive detail, and now offers a unique simulated dining experience ” on board” the airline’s Boeing 747. More or less the price of an actual plane ticket, your four-hour fantasy will cost you, in the lower deck of business class, £121 per […]
October 3, 2014

AKTUÁLNĚ.CZ — Retro Boeing 747: Gurmánský zážitek na křídlech 70. letRetro Boeing 747: Gurmánský zážitek na křídlech 70. let

By Zuzana Mocková October 3, 2014 Original Story Mezi nabídkami leteckých společností se objevil let dnes již zaniklé společnosti Pan Am, který nabízí nadšencům aviatiky i starých časů čtyři hodiny vzpomínek a dobrého jídla. Los Angeles – Na palubu Pan Am Experience si cestující sice musí zakoupit letenky, jak je tomu u letů zvykem, nově zrekonstruovanýBoeing 747 se ale během své čtyřhodinové cesty ani na vteřinu neodlepí od země. Jedná se totiž pouze o atrakci, která se koná v Air Hollywood vKalifornii. Milovníci letectví a pamětníci si mohou vybrat mezi letenkami první a druhé třídy, které je vyjdou na více jak šest tisíc korun, levnější varianta stojí o dva tisíce méně. Společnost také požaduje, aby všichni dorazili na palubu letadla vhodně […]
October 6, 2014

LONG BEACH PRESS-TELEGRAM — Relive ‘The Pan Am Experience’ by dining in a 1970s-era replica 747

By Richard Guzman October 6, 2014 Original Story It was heart-wrenching for Anthony Toth to see his life dream slowly being dismantled into hundreds of pieces. The Pan Am enthusiast had spent upwards of $100,000 and more than 20 years of his life collecting authentic items to create a replica of a Pan American World Airways Boeing 747 cabin. First he set it up in his home. Later he moved it to a bigger space in a City of Industry warehouse where he had more room to fit the cabin, which included a cockpit, the economy and first class sections and an upper deck lounge. All were completed with original seats, tables and even smaller details like branded glassware, napkins […]
October 8, 2014

POLITIKEN — Kom ud at flyve som i 1970’erne

By Sune Højrup Bencke October 8, 2014 Original Story Amerikansk firma har genoplivet flyvningerne med Pan Am i et studie i Los Angeles. Der var engang, hvor flyrejser var lig med noget eksklusivt, dekadent og luksuriøst, og langt fra alle forundt. Hvor maden blev serveret på tungt, klirrende porcelæn, hvor der var cocktails i lind strøm, hvor man måtte ryge på flyet, og hvor man blev opvartet af stewardesser med korte nederdele og jakker og hatte på sned. Sådan er i hvert fald historikken omkring flyvningen med det ikoniske amerikanske flyselskab Pan Am, der mellem stiftelsen i 1927 og kollapset i 1991 var selve billedet på det sorgløse liv i de højere luftlag. Nu genopliver det amerikanske firma Air Hollywood den […]
October 8, 2014

ALLPLANE — Living the Pan Am Experience in 2014

By All Plane Staff October 8, 2014 Original Story The “Golden Age” of commercial aviation is often seen with nostalgia in an era of congested airports and no-frills airlines, and few airlines are as iconic of that by-gone era as Pan American World Airways, most commonly known as, simply, “Pan Am”. Pan Am, that ceased operations in 1991 after years of decline, has not only been the object of TV Series, documentaries, books (by the way, I enthusiastically recommend the biography of Pan Am’s founder, Juan Trippe, to anyone interested in the history of the airline industry) but it has also inspired quite an interesting business proposition: you can now pay to recreate the experience of flying in a Pan […]
October 11, 2014

SMALL BUSINESS TRENDS — Entrepreneur Turns Airplane Passion Into Air Hollywood Business

By Aubrielle Billig October 11, 2014 Original Story More than forty years ago, Anthony Toth began a life long love affair with Pan Am Airlines. Today that passion has turned into a thriving business. For Toth, it all started with a childhood fight to Europe back in the days when the majestic airline synonymous with luxury ruled the skies.  Over the last 20 years, Toth has spent tens of thousands of dollars recreating an exact replica of the aircraft he fell in love with back then. The hobby has paid off. Toth’s replica is now part of a business called Air Hollywood, a business offering services including aircraft interiors and other aviation related sets for the film and television industry. […]
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