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TRAVELPULSE — Pan Am Experience Comes Back to Life Thanks to Air Hollywood (VIDEO)

By Gabe Zaldivar
September 30, 2014

Original Story

Until wild-haired scientists perfect flux-capacitor technology, we are stuck with our own imagination to sate our time travel needs. Thankfully, Air Hollywood is providing all necessary imagination for their upcoming Pan Am Experience.

Air Hollywood (Los Angeles, Calif.)—a studio that provides airline and airport sets for film producers—is opening its doors for a peek at what airplane travel was aboard a Pan Am 747 with a dinner extravaganza.

If that sounds interesting, you are not alone. According to the event’s page, four of the six remaining dates have been sold out. As of this writing, the Dec. 20 “Holiday Flight” has just a few tickets available. The demand seems to have caused organizers to add a Dec. 13 “flight” to the schedule however.

So what do you get with your ticket that costs either $267 or $297? The answer seems to be a fully immersive dining experience. The website reads:

“Your Pan Am experience starts on the main deck with a fun “cocktail hour” and beverage service where guests can explore and mingle about the cabin.  Each stewardess that greets you will be adorned in an original 1970’s Pan Am uniform. Our Pan Am crew will offer various video & audio selections while you sit back in your Pan Am Sleeperette seat (for Main Deck passengers) or Upper Deck Lounge Seats (for Upper Deck passengers) and enjoy the company of your fellow travelers.

Soon after, the crew will set your table for a truly memorable dining event. In classic Pan Am style, you’ll be served a delightful gourmet meal. Everything from the china to the glassware is authentic with careful attention to the exquisite service delivery of the era and menu offerings of Pan Am.”

According to Air Hollywood, its sets have provided an airline backdrop for a wealth of movies, including Kill Bill, Bridesmaids, Flight, Dodgeball and more. Unfortunately, it also featured in Elizabethtown, which is a shame because nobody saw that movie.

And here is founder Anthony Toth speaking about his Pan Am passion withSorbet Magazine in May.

Toth spared no expense in recreating the design, bringing the vibrant wallpaper and long forgotten carpeted doors back to life.

And for a few who have the money and inclination, the hard work and detail will infuse a winter night’s charm, taking you back to a time when the food high in the air was top shelf.

Hopefully, the Pan Am Experience will prove you don’t have to actually fly anywhere to be taken somewhere quite special.

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