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May 17, 2016

NPR ‘MORNING EDITION’ — Hollywood Jet Gives Fearful Fliers the Courage to Soar

By Daniel Hajek May 17, 2016 Original Story The jet sitting at Air Hollywood’s studio near the Burbank airport in Southern California was once the charter plane of the Los Angeles Lakers. These days, it serves a much different role — mostly as the set for movies and TV commercials. But the group walking on board the day I recently visited wasn’t there to film a scene. They were part of a two-day class for fearful fliers. For participant Ronnie Michel, it was the first time in six years that he’d seen the inside of a plane. “You hear the plastic shaking, the weird noises,” he noted. “I can see the top of people’s heads sitting in front of me. […]
May 18, 2016

JETSETTER — The World’s Coolest Throwback Travel Experiences

By Siobhan Reid May 18, 2016 Original Story Turn Back Time on a Pan Am Plane Long before the days of cramped seats, slovenly attire and crappy in-flight food, airplane travel was, well, glamorous. Travelers wore pillbox hats and heels, in-flight food was restaurant-grade and there was no such thing as too much champagne. But don’t take it from us. Experience it for yourself at Air Hollywood’s Pan Am Experience in Los Angeles. Offering monthly dinner parties aboard a replica Pan Am Jumbo Jet from the 1970s, the restaurant serves dinner and cocktails by flight attendants decked out in original 1970s Pan Am uniforms. There’s also an after-dinner movie and the chance to view huge collection of airline memorabilia. A […]
August 20, 2016

FROMMER’S — In Los Angeles, Party on Pan Am Airways Like It’s 1973

By Jason Cochran August 20, 2016 Original Story Five miles north of the major Hollywood studios, in an industrial area of not-at-all-scenic Pacoima, California, Pan Am is flying again. You’ve been here before—or at least, you’ve seen it many times. Air Hollywood is where the entertainment industry films airline scenes. Here, in a nondescript suite of warehouses, jet cabins of every era and style have been rescued from jet junkyards in the desert, assembled on sound stages, wired for lights and cool air, and are again ready for action. Hundreds of major movie or TV productions involving in-flight drama have recorded here, from Bridesmaids to The Wolf of Wall Street to, yes, Snakes on a Plane. And by night, one of […]
September 8, 2016


By L’empereur Magazine September 8, 2016 Original Story One of Los Angeles’ treasures is the exclusive Pan Am Experience at Air Hollywood. This is a fine dining experience that also serves as a museum with a theatrical flair. Adorned with authentic decor, the sight of the original pieces from the legendary airline is truly magical – like being transported back into time. The very photogenic Pan Am Experience is a great photo opportunity for selfies and group pictures. Staying true to the classy standards of Pan Am, guests dressed up in their best suits and cocktail dresses. Guests enjoyed the role of passengers on a lavish Pan Am 747 as stewardesses in original uniforms served dinner with original Pan Am […]
September 13, 2016

SÜDDEUTSCHE ZEITUNG MAGAZIN — Als Fliegen Noch Extravagant War

By Jürgen Schmieder September 13, 2016 Original Story  “Screwdriver? Manhattan? Gin Martini?” In Los Angeles kann man sich in einer nachgebauten Pan-Am-Maschine in die Lässigkeit der Siebzigerjahre zurücklehnen. Aber früher war nicht alles besser. Es ist erstaunlich, mit welch zeitloser Eleganz sich Chandall aus diesem misslichen Moment befreit. Sie lächelt freundlich, gar so, als würde sie sich über diesen Scherz aus der Kategorie Altherrenwitz tatsächlich köstlich amüsieren. Sie nimmt diese Männerhand, die langsam über ihren Rücken nach sehr weit unten gleitet, zwischen ihre Finger und hält sie fest. Mit einer Drehung entgeht sie der Umarmung. “Sie brauchen dringend einen Cocktail”, sagt sie: “Darf ich Ihnen noch einen Whisky Sour bringen?” Sie lässt die Hand los und kehrt zwei Minuten später mit […]
September 22, 2016

INDULGE MAGAZINE — Restaurant with Nostalgia and Nosh: The Pan Am Experience

By Warner Alas September 22, 2016 Original Story Air travel has become a way of life, but who doesn’t long for the golden age of travel when flying was glamorous and what you wore was just as important as what you packed? No airline has left such a lasting impression of such an era than Pan Am. For those who remember flying this airline, it brings memories of a time when families would greet and see you off at the gate, flight attendants were known as stewardesses, carry-on luggage was not yet invented, and shockingly – smoking was permitted on flights! The Pan Am Experience takes you back to that golden age and it all begins, of course, at the […]
October 1, 2016

FASHION WEEK ONLINE — High Fashion: The Pan Am Experience Recreates Glamour of Air Travel

By Pablo Starr October 1, 2016 Original Story FLYING HIGH: INTERVIEW WITH ANTHONY TOTH Anyone who doubts that airline travel is inherently glamorous should look no further thanKarl Lagerfeld‘s Spring 2016 Paris Fashion Week airport show for Chanel. What’s not sexy about traveling by airplane? Well, as it turns out: lots of things. Legroom is cramped (for most of us, anyway), food is less-than-exciting (although your mileage may vary), and it can be a struggle to look terrific while staying comfortable. (For some tips on how to do it right, look no further than the Olsen Twins, or Karlie Kloss.) If we need any reminder that the Golden Age of Airline Travel may have waved goodbye from the tarmac some […]
October 15, 2016

USA TODAY — Relive Pan Am’s Glory Days – Without Leaving the Ground

By Chris Woodyard October 15, 2016 Original Story Revisit Pan Am’s Glory Days on a Flight to Nowhere The flight crew prepares to take a gathering of guests on a “Pan Am Experience” flight. Air Hollywood, a movie studio with mock-ups of jetliners, turns a restored 747 mock-up into a flight on Pam Am from its golden age, complete with airline food. It is served by stewardesses in period uniforms, and includes a fashion show and in-flight movie. LOS ANGELES — In a most unlikely place, an industrial enclave of warehouses protected by razor wire, the golden age of what was once America’s pre-eminent airline lives again. For an evening, about two dozen “passengers” will experience the look and feel of Pan American […]
October 19, 2016

STUFF.CO — Relive Pan Am’s glory days – without leaving the ground

By Chris Woodyard October 19, 2016 Original Story In a most unlikely place, an industrial enclave of warehouses protected by razor wire, the golden age of what was once America’s pre-eminent airline lives again. For an evening, about two dozen “passengers” will experience the look and feel of Pan American World Airways in its heyday. They board as first or business-class fliers in a Pan Am Boeing 747. Only this isn’t a real plane. It’s a mock-up of the 747’s interior painstakingly reconstructed from an aircraft salvaged from a desert boneyard, every detail fastidiously recreated to be exactly as it appeared in the early 1970s. On their flight to nowhere, the well-dressed crowd will be wined and dined by stewardesses – […]
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