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By L’empereur Magazine
September 8, 2016

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One of Los Angeles’ treasures is the exclusive Pan Am Experience at Air Hollywood. This is a fine dining experience that also serves as a museum with a theatrical flair. Adorned with authentic decor, the sight of the original pieces from the legendary airline is truly magical – like being transported back into time. The very photogenic Pan Am Experience is a great photo opportunity for selfies and group pictures.

Staying true to the classy standards of Pan Am, guests dressed up in their best suits and cocktail dresses. Guests enjoyed the role of passengers on a lavish Pan Am 747 as stewardesses in original uniforms served dinner with original Pan Am dinnerware. The evening was full of fun surprise activities relating to Pan Am’s luxurious history.

Air Hollywood is established in film production. Thousands of popular movies, shows and commercials have been filmed at the location as it is unparalleled in providing realistic airport/aircraft sets and props. Air Hollywood also supports the community with their Open Sky for Autism program. The program assists individuals and their families with autism using flight simulation to gain confidence of air travel.

To learn more about Air Hollywood and all the unique events and services they provide, visit www.airhollywood.com.

To book a ticket to The Pan Am Experience visit – www.panamexperience.com. Remember to wear your best evening attire, come with an empty stomach and don’t forget your cameras for selfies for this once in a lifetime experience.

To learn more about Open Sky for Autism visit www.airhollywood.com/events/open-sky-for-autism.

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