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Monthly Flyer – September 2017


On Saturday, November 11th, we are hosting our ninth Open Sky for Autism – a public service event that equips families living with Autism to manage their unique challenges experienced during air travel. Free to the public with limited seating, Open Sky for Autism allows for vital acclimation and repetition during a commercial airport and passenger flight simulation.

Families can reserve a spot at the event by paying a refundable deposit of $25 (refundable upon checking in at the event). Since launching the Open Sky for Autism program in 2014, we have helped more than 1,000 families.

Organizational partners – REACH Services and Crew Presidential – will provide expert, hands-on assistance to ensure a safe and educational experience. Other partners include Flying Food Group, Transportation Security Administration (TSA), and Spirit Airlines.

Learn more about Open Sky for Autism...

Grey's Anatomy

ABC's hit drama, now in its 13th season, from Creator Shonda Rhimes chose Air Hollywood as its airline mock-up partner for episode "In the Air Tonight." In the April 13th episode, Meredith is still undecided on where she and Riggs stand, until a steamy airplane bathroom encounter helps her make up her mind. Unfortunately, it’s not exactly a smooth flight…. Written by Stacy Mckee and Story Editing by Jen Klein and Lauren Barnett.

Air Hollywood's Wide-Body 767 and Wild Lavatory feature prominently in the episode. Click on the image (or link) below to watch the promo...


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