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Monthly Flyer – December 2017


On Tuesday, December 12th, Air Hollywood gathered to celebrate a year of great achievements!

In 2017, Air Hollywood successfully grew its three business divisions - motion picture services, experiential entertainment, and the design studio. From serving major entertainment studios to delighting aviation enthusiasts with the Pan Am Experience to producing pop-up installations, the company has firmly established itself in the marketplace. And the future is bright!

Expressing his appreciation for their hard work, Air Hollywood's CEO, Talaat Captan, told the staff, "We prioritize great customer experience above all else, and that is only made possible when our employees dedicate themselves to ensuring our clients' success. I am grateful to you for making that happen."

Organized by Air Hollywood's Mikey Spaulding, the 2017 holiday party was attended by 75 employees and guests and featured a dessert contest, a gift exchange, and bingo games. It was a smashing success!

Chrissy Teigen's Pan Am Birthday Bash

As has been widely publicized across the media landscape, Chrissy Teigen celebrated her 32nd birthday at The Pan Am Experience on November 30th. It was a thrill to serve Chrissy and her husband John Legend along with their friends Kim Kardashian, Kanye West, Shay Mitchell, Jen Atkin, Monica Rose, and many others!

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