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TRAVELWEEK — This simple trick will help curb your fear of flying

By Travelweek Group
September 7, 2017

Original Story

TORONTO — Here’s a life hack worth remembering the next time a client tells you about their fear of flying: bring a pen and paper onboard with you and write your name over and over again.

But in order to help nervous fliers get over their aviophobia, the trick is to write your name with your nondominant hand.

According to NBC News, using your nondominant hand will effectively divert your attention away from your current environment and disrupt normal thinking patterns. In other words, you’ll be more focused on writing your name legibly than on the remote chance of a plane crash.

‘Today Show’ correspondent Jeff Rossen and producer Jovanna Billington, who admits to having a fear of flying, recently put this trick to the test at Air Hollywood, a facility that simulates flying experiences. Billington said that the trick was quite useful in curbing her fear.

And if that doesn’t work? NBC also suggested breathing through a drinking straw to avoid hyperventilating.

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