December 2003

Cinecitta Studios in Rome, Italy, and Air Hollywood in Los Angeles are partnering to become Europe’s largest aviation-themed facility. Air Hollywood is the well-known provider of aviation standing sets and prop rentals to the motion-picture industry. Cinecitta, in its effort to attract more national and international productions to its historic studio site in Rome, is investing in a series of permanents sets such as Ancient Rome, New York streets, Dutch village, Tuscan village, submarine, and others, including aviation-themed sets.

The new Aviation sets will include: airport terminal concourse (including check-in, security, customs), state-of-the-art airplane mock-ups (wide-body 777/747, narrow-body 727/737/DC-9), and executive business jet (glass cockpit and analog cockpit). Services to be provided will include prop rentals, set design, construction and more than 30 hours of archive and hard-to-find aviation stock footage.

For more information, contact Cinecitta representatives.
In Rome: Carole Andre-Smith, +39 06 7229 3203, fax +39 06 7229 3517, E-mail:
In Los Angeles: Peter Wetherell, (310) 450-5543, fax (310) 450-2353, E-mail:
In New York: Debbie Brenner, (917) 371-6031, fax (845) 818-3996, E-mail:
In London: Joshua Andrews, +44 020 7495 6501, E-mail:

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