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The Hollywood Reporter — Ray-Art, Air Hollywood Join Sets

By Nicole Sperling
October 19, 2001

Los Angeles based Ray-Art Studios has expanded its production facilities in a joint venture with Air Hollywood, an aviation-themed set based in San Fernando.

Founded in January by producer Talaat Captan, Air Hollywood will operate as Ray-Art’s third lot, to be managed by Ray-Art co-chairman Bob Papazian and Jim Hirsch.

The 28,000 square-foot facility includes an airport terminal with make-believe security, gate, ticket and concourse areas, wide-bodied and narrow-bodied jets and helicopters. With filming in airports and on planes nearly impossible since the Sept. 11 attacks, Air Hollywood is seen as an important asset for filmmakers in the near future. “ We built Air Hollywood to meet the needs of filmmakers to shoot airport and airplanes scenes in a secure, controlled, cost-effective environment,” Captan said. “joining with Ray-Art was a natural move towards an all-inclusive facility that caters to both the creative and logistical needs of productions.”

Ray-Art Studios was founded in 1997 in Woodland Hills. It offers production space, a six-sound-stage complex, a 12,000 square-foot barge turned studio docked in Los Angeles’ San Pedro Harbor and an aviation set. “ Both parties saw the value of putting Air Hollywood under the Ray-Art Studios banner,” Hirsch said. “It expands Air Hollywood’s exposure and gives Ray-Art another lot to complement our sound studios and floating back lot.” Bob Craft, a location manager working on Revolution Studios’ upcoming film “XXX,” is in talks with Air Hollywood to use the set as a prime location. “I like what it has to offer,” Craft said. “It has a nice cross section of the airport with some great airplane interiors. You can do everything there.”

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