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AIR HOLLYWOOD PRESS RELEASE — MGM hires Air Hollywood to pilot its ‘Soul Plane’

By Air Hollywood
April 11, 2003

LOS ANGELES – MGM will use Air Hollywood’s aviation-themed studio for its production of ‘Soul Plane,’ the urban comedy headlined by rappers Snoop Dogg and Method Man. An estimated 90% of the film will take place aboard Air Hollywood’s airplane mock-ups and airport standing sets. The company’s ability to attract “Soul Plane” marks a significant boost in Air Hollywood’s brand recognition among the major Hollywood studios.

“This is a major account because so much of the filming will be taking place on our lot. MGM’s decision to use Air Hollywood terminals, wide-body airplane mock-up and associated props underscores the authenticity of our assets as a destination of choice for aviation-related productions,” said Captan, President of Air Hollywood. Captan believes that this production is tantamount to a leading role for his company instead of a cameo. Captan’s analogy is supported by his ability to procure a title credit.

“’Soul Plane’ really puts us on the map. It is really the best kind of publicity we could hope for within the Hollywood community.” He hopes it will lead to further success as the production site of choice for productions seeking aviation-themed environments. Air Hollywood is a Los Angeles based studio that specializes in aviation-themed production services, including a 200-foot long airport terminal standing set, several commercial airplane interiors, executive jet mock-ups, cockpits, props and stock footage. To learn more about Air Hollywood’s services, please visit www.airhollywood.com

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