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THE JET SET FAMILY — Playing Tourist, The Pan Am Experience

The Pan Am Experience | The JetSet Family

What year is it again?

I’m going to let you in on a little secret and you are going to LOVE me for it. The next time you are looking for something special to do for Saturday date night, you need to hop aboard Pan Am flight 001 for an evening of air travel you will never forget. And guess what? Your feet won’t even leave the ground.

Sounds nuts, right? Well maybe just a little bag of complimentary roasted peanuts. The Pan Am Experience based outside of Hollywood is a must-try for all those bitten by the wanderlust bug, but can’t scratch the itch due to lack of vacation days. Pan Am may have ceased operations years ago, but that doesn’t mean the magic has to end and this fantasy flight proves it.

The Pan Am Experience | The JetSet Family

Let me set the scene for you. Imagine walking into the uber-exclusive First & Clipper class check-in desk where a perfectly coifed ticket agent adorned head to toe in an authentic Pan Am uniform will hand you your 70’s style boarding pass, complete with ticket jacket and carry-on tags.

To pass the time, you are welcome to mix and mingle with other passengers in the Clipper Club lounge where vintage Pan Am memorabilia is on display. Shortly, thereafter it will be time to board the Clipper Juan T. Trippe, Pan Am’s first Boeing 747 circa 1970s.

The Pan Am Experience | The JetSet Family

Immediately you will be swept away by the surroundings. You’ll forget it’s 2016 and fondly remember the 1970s and everything there is to love about that decade. See, I’m a big fan of that era so this was everything to me. I love the style, the vibe, the fashion and the music. Especially, the music. I mean what is there not to love?

Now Boarding

OK, so back to the flight. As you enter the aircraft to the crooning of Frank Sinatra, the stewardesses are eager to get the libations flowing with everything from Manhattans and High Balls to you guessed it, a can of Tab cola which I may or may not have taken home as a souvenir.

The Pan Am Experience | The JetSet Family

Next you’ll be shown to your seat either in First Class on the main deck, or up the spiral staircase to the Upper Deck where the flight crew will prepare for take off with an in-flight safety demonstration. You’ll soon be free to roam around the cabins and explore the aircraft at your leisure. Take your time and enjoy the moment because it’s a long flight. Feel free to sit back and relax on your plush “sleeperette” seat until diner is served on authentic china, glassware and flatware.

The four-course gourmet menu is quite impressive and attention to detail is everything down to exquisite service provided by the Pan Am stewardesses. The dinner will begin with shrimp cocktail and tomato with mozzarella drizzled with a pesto glaze with garden vegetables and roasted potatoes. Followed by Châteaubriand carved seat side from a trolley or Roasted Chicken with peppercorn sauce.

The Pan Am Experience | The JetSet Family

The Pan Am Experience also offers a vegetarian pasta entree as an option as well. And finally, take your pick from a selection of fruit, cheese, cookies and port wine, but save room because the dessert cart is not far behind with a selection of digestifs.

Once the flight makes its final descent, the fun does not stop once you hit baggage claim. See, the magic of the Pan Am Experience happens on an actual film sound staged aptly called Air Hollywood. Once you step foot outside the cabin door, the passengers are given a tour of the production sets such as the original cockpit from Airplane!, scenes from Bridesmaids, The Wolf of Wall Street, and the hit television show Lost. 

The Pan Am Experience | The JetSet Family

Tips before you board:

Pan Am 101: Study up on Pan Am history. Not only will these little tidbits make the flight even more interesting, but you never know when your captain might give you a pop quiz where you can win really cool prizes!

What should I wear? Dress to impress and if you have threads from the 1970s don them. Not only did our fellow passengers all look like they just stepped foot out of the creative department of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce, but they even brought their retro American Tourist luggage circa 1975.

Is the Pan Am Experience child-friendly? Yes, but I would not recommend bringing infants or children. It’s a very long night, there is not a lot of space (remember you are on an airplane,) and there is free flowing alcohol. This flight definitely caters to adults and mature adolescents. In fact, if you can: UBER.

Don’t wait to book: Flights fill up really fast and there are only a few seats released every month. You can book a First Class Upper Deck Dining Room reservation for $355.00 per person and First Class Main Cabin seat for $295.00 per person.

Where should we sit?: Both sections are fantastic, but truthfully, based on our most recent flight on The Pan Am Experience, I would book in the First Class Main Cabin — that’s where all the fun happens. Dancing, fashion shows, and there is more room to roam on the main deck.

And finally, be friendly and have fun. Smile, enjoy yourself and don’t be afraid to chat it up with your flight buddies in Row 1A. To reserve yourself seat on an upcoming voyage, please visit Air Hollywood’s Pan Am Experience at panamexperience.com or onFacebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Photo credits: Pan Am Experience

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Written by Nicole Standley

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