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INSIDE THE MAGIC — ‘Pan Am Experience’ Immerses You in the World of ’70s Air Travel, Over a Luxurious Five-Course Dinner

by JeniLynn Knopp
May 3, 2017

Original Story

Many people view “plane food” as a form of cruel and unusual punishment, but a company in Los Angeles has made it the centerpiece of a new $300 experience. Called the Pan Am Experience, “passengers” are checked-into a 70’s retro-fitted “flight” where they feast on a five-course meal that is served up by flight attendants.

In this unique restaurant experience created by Air Hollywood takes place in Los Angeles on a believable retro airplane film set, like those used in many Hollywood productions.

Diners are given boarding passes, ticket jackets and first class carry-on tags all in the style of the airline’s golden age and then escorted into a lounge called the Clipper Club. In this club, authentic Pan Am memorabilia like airline seats, uniforms and handbags serve as a backdrop for mingling with the other passengers before the final boarding call.

After a short time, guests are invited to board a recreation of Pan Am’s first Boeing 747. There they can explore a First Class cabin, a Clipper Class cabin, and an Upper Deck dining room in cocktail party fashion with Stewardesses dressed in original Pan Am uniforms handing out drinks.

Passengers are asked to take their seats and settle in for the actual dining experience once the entire passenger list has had a chance to board and look around. The china, the glassware, the cabin decor and branding have all been recreated with the greatest attention to detail. Even the menu and style of service is reminiscent of this bygone era.

The gourmet, luxury dinner includes bread selections and elegant appetizers like shrimp cocktail and a tomato and mozzarella dish with a pesto glazed drizzled atop. The main course consists of a Chateaubriand carved on a trolley, fresh vegetables and roasted potatoes (although there are alternative options for those with special dietary concerns). This is followed with a course of wine, fruit, cheese and biscuits. And the last course comes courtesy of the “dessert cart” and offers a variety of digestifs.

After the meal ends, the flight arrives at its final destination where passengers have the opportunity to take a tour of some famous production sets. The original cockpit from “Airplane!” and props from other sets like “Lost” and “The Wolf of Wall Street” are on display for this portion of the experience.

From start to finish, this opportunity to “fly” is a unique way to revisit the golden era of air travel, a period in time that is now gone but apparently not lost.

The Pan Am Experience is already sold out through July. More information on how to step aboard can be found on their web site.

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