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AIR HOLLYWOOD PRESS RELEASE — Getty Images’ Film Collections Take Flight with Air Hollywood

By Air Hollywood
November 19, 2005

WHAT: Action packed aviation, aerial and adventure footage will be flying to producers and filmmakers around the globe as Getty Images, the world’s leading creator and distributor of still and moving imagery, is now distributing Air Hollywood’s extensive library of contemporary and archival film footage.

Consisting of several film collections, Air Hollywood offers producers, filmmakers and global agency, corporate and entertainment customers hundreds of hours of pristine footage of diverse subject matter. Air Hollywood’s contemporary and vintage collections have been transferred to HD and are now available at gettyimages.com.

Air Hollywood’s vintage collection – shot in 35mm film, consists of Historic TWA airline industry footage that depicts the glamorous early years of commercial flight from the 1950s through the 1980s, depicting anything and everything related to passenger airplane travel (POV of airplanes from all angles, flight attendants, smoking on planes, early in-flight entertainment, etc).

Air Hollywood’s contemporary collection – originally shot in large format 70mm film by renowned director and special effects pioneer, Doug Trumbull, consists of high-quality adventure, wildlife and international destination footage, including breathtaking aerials over the mountains of New Zealand, historic landmarks in European cities and countryside, and close-up encounters with exotic wildlife in the jungles of Latin America and Africa.

“Appealing to global customers with budget and time constraints, Air Hollywood eliminates the need to pay a production company to travel the world in search of the perfect shot in the perfect location. Our footage accomplishes that and more for a fraction of the cost,” said Talaat Captan, Air Hollywood CEO & President. ”This footage represents another way Getty Images is aiding producers and creatives to make their ideas a production reality.”

WHY: Getty Images is dedicated to helping customers bring their ideas to life and experiment with new ways of expression by eliminating creative challenges and lengthy production processes. With the Getty Images Film Collections and addition of the Air Hollywood archives, Getty Images continues to offer the best possible resources to provide creatives with more possibilities and control over their projects.

WHO: For press inquiries, please contact Molly Lohman (Getty Images), 206.925.6054, or Nate Murphy (Edelman), 206.223.1606.

About Getty Images Getty Images is the world’s leading imagery company, creating and providing the largest and most relevant collection of still and moving images to communication professionals around the globe. From news and sports photography to contemporary and archival imagery, Getty Images’ products are found each day in newspapers, magazines, advertising, films, television, books and Web sites. Gettyimages.com is the first place customers turn to search, purchase and download powerful imagery. Seattle-headquartered Getty Images is a global company with customers in more than 100 countries.

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