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THE LOCATION GUIDE — Filming on location at Air Hollywood in Southern California

By Murray Ashton
October 16, 2012

Original Story

Air Hollywood offers mock-up aeroplane interiors, terminal and airport security sets near Burbank in California. These are spread across four separate sound stages and other facilities include a prop house and a stock footage department.

The company was first set up in 1998 and its popularity soared after 9/11 when it became almost impossible to film on board a real plane in the US. Producers have access to several different commercial airliner sets, as well as private jets.

Talaat Captan runs the company: “Each mock-up can be customised and dressed to suit the productions needs and the configuration that they want. We have a number of private jets and we also have an airport terminal and security check point stage that can be dressed with any of our range of props, which include a baggage claim and people mover set.”

Air Hollywood is a popular filming facility for all kinds of productions, including high-profile features and commercials. Recent films have includedMoneyball, Flight and Red Eye, while McDonald’s, Nationwide and Virgin are among the major brands to have visited for commercial shoots.

The facility offers 45 car parking spaces, production offices and wireless internet access. Producers will need to bring their own lighting and grip equipment, as well as a generator. A film permit is needed too.

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