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THE DAILY MAIL — Fly like Don Draper…without leaving the ground: Pop-up restaurant in perfectly reconstructed Pan Am 747 from the Sixties will serve vintage airline meals

By Ashley Collman
September 24, 2014

Original Story

* The ‘Pam Am Experience’ will put on four dinners inside a plane sound-stage over the next three months
* Tickets to dinner cost $297 for first class and $197 for clipper class

For the price of an actual plane ticket, you can experience what it was like to fly in the golden age of air travel.
The ‘Pam Am Experience’ will be conducting four four-hour ‘flights’ over the next few months, in a reconstructed Boeing 747.

And while the plane doesn’t actually take off, passengers get a round-trip ticket to the past with a four-course airline meal and a tour of the perfectly reconstructed jet from the Sixties.

Passengers can buy either a $297 first class ticket, or pay $197 for a seat in clipper class. They are then ferried on board by fashionable fight attendants decked out in the mod uniforms of the 60s and 70s.

And passengers are expected to dress up for the flight too, just as they would have done 50 years ago.

‘Guests are expected to dress the part, and dress nicely, just like passengers did in the 1970s. We won’t require a coat and tie, but we will discourage jeans, sneakers, shorts or sandals. Our goal is to make this feel like Mad Men, and our guests should play the part,’ Rob Shalhoub of Air Hollywood told Travel Skills.

After boarding in the first or clipper class cabins, passengers are treated to cocktails before dinner.

In first class, flight attendants serve passengers a four-course meal from trolleys on vintage Pan Am china.

The meal includes a shrimp and lump crabmeat cocktail starter, chateaubriand carved seat-side, chicken and a vegetarian pasta. And for dessert, passengers get to choose from a fruit and cheese trolley which rolls through with liquors and coffee to top it off.

Clipper class passengers get the same meal, but served on a tray.

After the meal, passengers enjoy 70s-era movies played from an overhead projection system.

At the end of the flight, ticket holders can look over a vast collection of Pan Am memorabilia and shop for licensed merchandise, as well as explore sets put up by Air Hollywood for other films like Bridesmaids.

The experience was made possible in large part to Anthony Toth, the owner of the largest Pan Am collection in the world, who reconstructed the plane himself in a garage.

‘Younger generations have no recollection of what it was like to fly during the ’70s,’ Toth told Yahoo Travel. He says the Pan Am Experience is ‘a way for you to get a feel for what it was like to fly back in that era.’

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