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AIR HOLLYWOOD PRESS RELEASE — Air Hollywood introduces K9 Flight School

By Air Hollywood
July 5, 2012

Los Angeles, CA – Air Hollywood announced that this Summer they will be starting their newest initiative, Air Hollywood K9 Flight School. Air Hollywood’s K9 Flight School will provide the fundamental training for owners and their K9 companions in order to make the flying experience as easy and stress free as possible. Whether your dog be a service dog, a guide, an emotional support or just your beloved family member, Air Hollywood’s training program will teach K9’s how to handle airport sights and sounds, TSA check points, crowded jet ways, sitting in an airplane as well as take off, landing and even turbulence through our Air Turbulence simulator. Not only will Air Hollywood’s training program aim to provide owner’s with valuable information and training for the overall flying experience but will also certify your dog so that you can have a hassle and stress-free experience when dealing with the airlines. The Air Hollywood K9 Flight School was recently mentioned in the New York Times, read the full article here.

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