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AIR HOLLYWOOD PRESS RELEASE — Air Hollywood Purchases 65mm Film to Launch “Elements” Stock Footage Collection

By Air Hollywood
January 26, 2005

Los Angeles, CA — Air Hollywood announced today the acquisition of more than 70 hours of 65 MM footage from famed visual effects engineer, Doug Trumbull, most notably of 2001: A Space Odyssey, and Blade Runner. The Collection contains dozens of hours of aerial and CGI footage of international destinations and natural wonders.

“From sweeping views of the Grand Canyon, where one can almost hear the wind and touch the ancient rock walls, to diving into the rain forest witnessing hidden prey pursued by its predator; this collection has every element imaginable,” said Ellen Herbert, Air Hollywood’s Director of Marketing and Business Development.

The aptly named, “Elements Collection” has never been available as stock footage until the acquisition by Air Hollywood, which is currently in a major expansion period. This latest acquisition builds on Air Hollywood’s 2002 purchase of Airline Film and Television Promotion’s (AFTP) “TWA Collection” which included more than 25 hours of 35 MM stock footage from the 50’s, 60’s 70’s and 80’s.

“These two recent acquisitions have forced prospective clients to recognize Air Hollywood as a robust provider of 35mm, 65mm and HI-DEF stock footage,” said Talaat Captan, President of Air Hollywood. Air Hollywood will bring its library to market through direct sales and international distribution partnerships. “Our entire collection will be available in the early fall for direct sales but major distributors are already showing a keen interest and we are very optimistic based on this initial response,” stated Herbert.

Air Hollywood has set up a password-protected area on its website for interested parties to view sample video clips. Following this purchase, Air Hollywood will continue to commit substantial financial resources toward the conversion of its new offering. All footage will be available in digital format once the film has been processed to high-definition and digitized.

“The process of converting the film into a usable digital format is expensive and exhaustive, but a necessary investment if the widest selection of the highest quality is going to be available to our clients,” said Herbert. F

or further information on the “Elements Collection”, please contact Ellen Herbert – eherbert@airhollywood.com

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