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AIR HOLLYWOOD PRESS RELEASE — Air Hollywood acquires airline film and television promotions to become a major player in aviation-related production services

By Air Hollywood
July 25, 2003

LOS ANGELES, CA – Air Hollywood, a San Fernando based aviation-themed production services firm, has acquired the assets of chief rival, Airline Film and Television Promotions (AFTP) which had been in business for over thirty years.

Although AFTP is located just a stone’s throw away, the strategic acquisition allows Air Hollywood to consolidate itself and become the premier provider of aviation-specific film production services. The deal was viewed as an opportunity to acquire the sole competitor assets available in Los Angeles as well as expand its product offering to create new revenue streams.

“This is a niche market and still being created by those who are proactive and willing to make strategic acquisitions when the opportunity is present,” said Talaat Captan. Captan’s optimism is tempered only by the challenge of successfully merging both companies’ assets. The new acquisition includes three stages housing several faux standing sets such as airplane interiors, airports and related props. Additionally, Air Hollywood acquired AFTP’s stock footage library of rare and difficult to recreate aerial and establishing shots from around the globe.

With the assets acquired in the deal, Air Hollywood now boasts a robust 50,000 sq. ft. of total studio space, a 200-ft. airport terminal concourse standing set, 4 commercial jet mockups, 3 private jet mockups, a fully appointed prop house and a collection of rare stock footage originating from professional quality 35mm negative. Air Hollywood is a Los Angeles based studio that specializes in aviation-themed production services, including a 200-foot long airport terminal standing set, several commercial airplane interiors, executive jet mock-ups, cockpits, props and stock footage. To learn more about Air Hollywood’s services, please visit www.airhollywood.com.

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