Booking Information

To confirm a booking with Air Hollywood, you must submit the following documents prior to the start of the rental period:

  1. A Signed Rental Agreement (For Stage/Set Rentals) or a Signed Prop Rental Policy (For Props)
  2. A Certificate of Insurance | View Requirements
  3. Security Deposit
  4. Full Payment or Purchase Order (Note: New PO Accounts take minimum 2 weeks to open.)

We accept cash, check, or credit card. To use a credit card, you can simply pay online by clicking on the “Pay by Credit Card” link on your digital invoice or you can email our Credit Card Authorization Form to your rental rep.

Download Air Hollywood’s W-9 Form here.

To start a new order, please complete the form below:

What rental services are you requesting? (check all that apply)

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Project Info

What form of security deposit?

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Note: We only process security deposits in case of overages.

How would you like to pay for this order?

CashCheckCredit CardPO/Terms

PO/Terms: We normally do not offer credit terms, but if it is an absolute necessity, please call our office at 818.890.0444 and ask to speak with our accounting department.

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  • Air Hollywood Insurance Requirements

    Prior to the release of any stages, sets, or props (“Property”) from Air Hollywood to your production, an insurance certificate must be provided. We have outlined below the specific requirements that must be met:

    • General Liability
      • Personal Injury $1,000,000 minimum as to each person and $2,000,000 as to each accident or occurrence
      • Property Damage $1,000,000
      • Deductible may not exceed $7,500
      • Air Hollywood, Inc. must be named as Additionally Insured
    • Equipment Rented
      • Third Party Property Damage $1,000,000
      • Props, Sets, and Wardrobe $500,000
      • Miscellaneous Equipment $50,000
      • Small prop rental orders may qualify for an insurance waiver – please ask your representative.
      • Air Hollywood must be named on your policy as “Loss Payee” under Special Provisions.
      • Deductible may not exceed $7,500.
      • The “Unattended Vehicle Theft Exclusion” will not be accepted. Confirm with your insurance provider that you will be covered in the event that Property is lost, stolen, or damaged while in an unattended vehicle.
    • Automobile Liability
      • Non-Owned Hired Auto Liability $1,000,000
    • Worker’s Compensation
      • You must maintain adequate Worker’s Compensation Insurance coverage for your cast and crew.
    • International productions shooting within the United States must have U.S. based insurance. U.S. productions shooting outside of the country must provide a certificate showing worldwide coverage on rented equipment.

    Please see sample certificate here. If you would like further clarification about these requirements, please do not hesitate to contact us.