Air Hollywood

October 15, 2016

USA TODAY – Relive Pan Am’s Glory Days — Without Leaving the Ground

Chris Woodyard , USA TODAY12:44 a.m. EDT October 15, 2016 Revisit Pan Am’s Glory Days on a Flight to Nowhere  Fullscreen The flight crew prepares to take a gathering of guests on a “Pan Am Experience” flight. Air Hollywood, a movie studio with mock-ups of jetliners, turns a restored 747 mock-up into a flight on Pam Am from its golden age, complete with airline food. It is served by stewardesses in period uniforms, and includes a fashion show and in-flight movie.  Dan MacMedan, USA TODAY Fullscreen 1 of 40 40 Photos Revisit Pan Am’s glory days on a flight to nowhere LOS ANGELES — In a most unlikely place, an industrial enclave of warehouses protected by razor wire, the golden age of what […]
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