October 16, 2004

AIR HOLLYWOOD PRESS RELEASE — Air Hollywood Onboard with Dreamworks and Wes Craven for ‘Red Eye’ Flight

By Air Hollywood October 16, 2004 LOS ANGELES, CA – Air Hollywood will provide a 120 ft. wide-body airplane mockup to Dreamworks and Wes Craven’s Red Eye for production of the aviation-horror feature film. The film is scheduled to shoot onboard Air Hollywood’s set from November 2004 through January 2005. Although Air Hollywood has teamed with Dreamworks on several previous projects such as Surviving Christmas and The Terminal, none have been as involved as this one. “We are excited to work with Wes Craven and Dreamworks on this project because it puts us on the map for another major studio,” said Talaat Captan, President of Air Hollywood. Air Hollywood has serviced other notable studio projects for similar engagements such as […]
June 7, 2004

Production Update — Air Hollywood June 2004

By Air Hollywood June 7, 2004 Production Notes – California General Manager Robert Shalhoub of Air Hollywood calls this “one of the busiest seasons in a long time,” with pilots, features and commercials using the San Fernando facility. Plus, Shalhoub has acquired another similar facility in nearby Pacoima. He offers filmmakers airport, airplane mockups, props and stock footage – anything resembling an airport or plane interiors, etc. Contact 818.365.3700.
April 7, 2004

AIR HOLLYWOOD PRESS RELEASE — The AFCI Locations Trade Show 2003

By Air Hollywood April, 2004 The Association of Film Commissioners International Trade Show 2003 “gave Air Hollywood the opportunity to meet dozens of industry professionals that have since become our colleagues and clients”, according to the company’s general manager Robert Shalhoub. “Like previous years, LTS in Santa Monica is, hands down, the most effective trade show to present our studio to the target market. We attend the event to gain the opportunity to present Air Hollywood’s studios to key decision makers in locations and to meet our clients and potential clients face to face.” Air Hollywood is a large-scale aviation-themed film production studio, offering an airport terminal standing set, airplane mockups, an inventory of aviation-themed props and set dressing, as well […]
March 15, 2004

AIR HOLLYWOOD PRESS RELEASE — Air Hollywood Flying with Getty Images for Worldwide Representation

By Air Hollywood March 15, 2004 LOS ANGELES, CA – Air Hollywood, through its 35 mm collection of aviation stock footage, has partnered with Getty Images, the leader in stock photography and footage for several different industries. This partnership will expose Air Hollywood’s unique collection of aviation stock footage of rare and difficult to recreate aerial and establishing shots from around the globe. Air Hollywood has sought partnership opportunities that can effectively generate awareness and exposure of Air Hollywood’s unique product. “It took some time but we were able to complete this deal which puts us at a clear advantage as we begin positioning for worldwide expansion,” said Talaat Captan, President of Air Hollywood. The Library will be available for […]
December 8, 2003

AIR HOLLYWOOD PRESS RELEASE — Air Hollywood Launches Extensive Stock Footage Library

By Air Hollywood December 8, 2003 LOS ANGELES, CA  – Upon the recent asset acquisition of competitor Airline Film and Television Promotions (AFTP), Air Hollywood announces it will begin licensing the use of stock footage to the motion picture and television industry. The aviation-themed production services company is now poised to leverage its key client relationships with studios and production companies in order to bring the stock footage to market. The collection is comprised of nearly 30 hours (162,000 feet) of airplane landings and take-offs, in-flight footage, international locations and famous landmarks. To the ordinary eye the footage seems rather meaningless, however, in Mr. Captan’s eyes, “The library is an unmined treasure! There are shots of international landmarks and airplanes […]
October 12, 2003

LA TIMES — Your Choice: Plane or Fancy

By Mike Hodgkinson October 12, 2003 Original Story Filmmakers who need to destroy an airplane or have their characters luxuriate in one can choose from a wealth of independent aviation equipment suppliers. It may have been the world’s most outrageous private jet. The windows were gold-plated, the carpets lush and the furniture draped with seminaked women. The crowning design flourish: a functional miniature railroad that connected each cabin. Never before had locomotion, aviation, money, sex and puerile fantasy formed so outlandish a union. San Fernando-based Air Hollywood had rented the plane to the Coen brothers for a scene in their new comedy “Intolerable Cruelty.” There’s just one caveat: The plane never left the ground. Air Hollywood supplies aviation-themed sets to the […]
September 17, 2003

SCREEN INTERNATIONAL — Cinecitta, Air Hollywood team to create European aviation-themed facility

By Jeremy Kay September 17, 2003 Original Story Cinecitta Studios in Rome and Los Angeles-based aviation standing sets and prop rental company Air Hollywood have teamed up to create what they claim is Europe’s largest aviation-themed facility. Proposed sets that will result from the partnership and serve expected market needs include an airport terminal concourse, state-of-the-art airplane mock-ups and a business jet. The move complements Cinecitta’s expanding range of permanent sets that includes Ancient Rome, New York streets, a Tuscan village and a submarine. For Air Hollywood the deal enables it to expand its interest in film production, having already served the shoots of Kill Bill, Intolerable Cruelty and Daredevil through its four California sound stages. “This is a very […]
September 5, 2003

VARIETY — Air H’wood Flying Rival

By Carl DiOrio September 4, 2003 Original Story HOLLYWOOD — Facilities and props company Air Hollywood has acquired rival Airline Film and Television Promotions for a seven-figure sum. Air Hollywood will consolidate assets of both companies to become “the largest provider of airport and airline sets and aviation-themed props,” officials said. The transaction was brokered by Coldwell Banker of Beverly Hills and AFTP prexy Alf Jacobsen. MGM’s Snoop Dogg laffer “Soul Plane” is currently filming at Air Hollywood in San Fernando. With the AFTP acquisition, Air Hollywood boasts four soundstages with a total 60,000 square feet. Some rare stock and archive film footage was also acquired in the transaction. “The stock film library is an unmined treasure,” Air Hollywood founder […]
July 25, 2003

AIR HOLLYWOOD PRESS RELEASE — Air Hollywood acquires airline film and television promotions to become a major player in aviation-related production services

By Air Hollywood July 25, 2003 LOS ANGELES, CA – Air Hollywood, a San Fernando based aviation-themed production services firm, has acquired the assets of chief rival, Airline Film and Television Promotions (AFTP) which had been in business for over thirty years. Although AFTP is located just a stone’s throw away, the strategic acquisition allows Air Hollywood to consolidate itself and become the premier provider of aviation-specific film production services. The deal was viewed as an opportunity to acquire the sole competitor assets available in Los Angeles as well as expand its product offering to create new revenue streams. “This is a niche market and still being created by those who are proactive and willing to make strategic acquisitions when […]
July 12, 2003


December 2003 Cinecitta Studios in Rome, Italy, and Air Hollywood in Los Angeles are partnering to become Europe’s largest aviation-themed facility. Air Hollywood is the well-known provider of aviation standing sets and prop rentals to the motion-picture industry. Cinecitta, in its effort to attract more national and international productions to its historic studio site in Rome, is investing in a series of permanents sets such as Ancient Rome, New York streets, Dutch village, Tuscan village, submarine, and others, including aviation-themed sets. The new Aviation sets will include: airport terminal concourse (including check-in, security, customs), state-of-the-art airplane mock-ups (wide-body 777/747, narrow-body 727/737/DC-9), and executive business jet (glass cockpit and analog cockpit). Services to be provided will include prop rentals, set design, […]
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